Detwiler’s Farm Market: 10 Foods You Must Try This Fall

We’re nearing the end of summertime and even though it stays pretty hot in Florida until later in the year, I am SO ready to dive into fall! We’ve really enjoyed our summer doing absolutely everything you can think of, but I can’t lie, fall is just my favorite! Between the campfires, pumpkin patches and …

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Farmers Market Strolls – Milford, Delaware

Our family took a small venture while on vacation to the Riverwalk Farmers Market in downtown Milford, Delaware and had a refreshing experience! This quaint town may seem minuscule, but if you decide to explore it a bit, you’ll find more than just the market alone.  The market booths are set up on North Walnut …

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10 Ways to Spring Clean “Mommy Brain”

As mothers, we’ve all experienced it. The countless times we’ve retraced our steps and the unnerving feeling that we’re forgetting something. There are missed appointments, pauses in our conversations and wondering where in the heck we put our sunglasses when they’re already on our head. There’s only one explanation for this dilemma: mommy brain! Someone …

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