Instagram Story Templates: “Quarantine Collection”

The introvert in me is doing a happy dance because being “stuck” at home is when I get the most sh** done! It’s like my Bat Cave. This quarantine has strengthened my ability to laser focus on the most important things: my parenting, my copywriting business and of course, my movie watching skills.

Since I can’t see my friends face-to-face during the Coronavirus pandemic, I have to resort to sharing photos and videos. And what better way to connect than by telling everyone about your experience of being home for the last two weeks.

I created a few quarantine-related Instagram story templates for you to complete yourself as well as share with others! Hopefully they give you something to do and you get a little bit of enjoyment out of them – I mean, it’s not like you have anywhere to be, so why not!

Let me know what you think of these and make sure to tag @momunderthepalm on Instagram, so I can see yours!

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