Books to Read to Your Children for Valentine’s Day

Happy February! The sun is shining in Florida again and we are excitedly looking forward to an early spring this year! 

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the boys just so happens to be in February: Valentine’s Day! 

It might not be everyone’s favorite, but for me, it’s an extra special day to be with the ones I love most, do the things we love to do together and show them how one act of love can make someone’s day. 

Some of the ways I enjoy teaching them about love and kindness are through reading. There are countless books about love and what it stands for from another’s perspective. Books can help a child understand that love isn’t just a word, but that it comes in many shapes and sizes and that each and every one of us loves differently.

I scrolled through our bookshelf, digging for books we haven’t read in a while and several titles came up. They describe love in all different ways and just make you feel really good inside! Here are some of those books that we will be reading about up to Valentine’s Day — and beyond — and why I chose them.

Love is a Handful of Honey – Giles Andreae

This sweet, adorable book is probably in my top 10 favorite children’s books ever written. A little bear spends its day finding joy in the littlest of things – such as splashing through puddles and laughing out loud. This book makes you see all of the blessings in life and reminds you that there is so much to be thankful for.

I Love You Night and Day – Smriti Prasadam-Halls

If you’re a cryer, then this book will have you balling! A parent’s love is infinite, through every night and every day and that’s what this book is all about. The cutesy rhymes and whimsical illustrations make for lots of smiles. This books will tear at your heartstrings and is the perfect Valentine’s bedtime story to read to your babies. 

Love From Sesame Street

You can never go wrong with Elmo! In this book, all of your favorite puppets describe the diverse meanings of the word “love” and how it can stand for so many different things. I like this book because it’s very easy for toddlers to understand and relate to. After reading a page, ask your child to describe what is happening in the picture and give examples of how your family expresses love in these ways or how your child could make a connection to each description. 

I Love You Through and Through – Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

This classic board book is a fan favorite in our house. The boys absolutely love this book – its adorable pictures and silly sayings would make anyone smile. The book is meant to be the parent (or reader) telling their little one about all the things they love about them, but you could also read it as if the child were talking to themselves. It is an uplifting book that can teach your child about self-love and how we should love each and every part of ourselves, from the giggles to the cries!

Will You Fill My Bucket? – Carol McCloud and Karen Wells 

If you’re a teacher in need of a good lesson, then this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day book! Each page demonstrates a daily act of love by people from all over the world. This book explains the ways a simple action can fill someone’s bucket and make their day. This also shows that we all love (and need to be loved) in different ways. “Sweet rhyming prose and vividly captivating illustrations delight the senses and express the deep joy and love we hope for all children.” This is a book that I’ve really enjoyed reading to my boys and have added to our collection. 

I Love You Stinky Face – Lisa McCourt

This was the first book I bought my oldest son before he was born! Not only does it mean so much to me, it really does describe the way I feel as a mother. If my child was a stinky swamp monster, I would “live by the swamp and take care of them always.” No matter the changes our children may go through, we will always love and support them. The illustrations are silly and imaginative, a story your little ones are bound to enjoy. This sentimental board book is an absolute must-have for Valentine’s Day!

These books are my suggestions, but there are always so many more to choose from! Check out some of these other blogs’ recommendations:

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, love is always important. These books are really great to read to your children at any point in time, regardless of one single day in February! I definitely recommend checking them out and snuggling up to read them with the ones you love most. What can I say?! I love love!

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