Detwiler’s Farm Market: 10 Foods You Must Try This Fall

We’re nearing the end of summertime and even though it stays pretty hot in Florida until later in the year, I am SO ready to dive into fall! We’ve really enjoyed our summer doing absolutely everything you can think of, but I can’t lie, fall is just my favorite! Between the campfires, pumpkin patches and scrumptious treats, this time of year is always anticipated in our household. With that being said, I wanted to talk about some yummy products that we’ve tried out recently — a few that I will definitely be snagging again come cosy season — from one of our go-to stores, Detwiler’s Farm Market

Detwiler’s is by far one of the coolest grocery stores to shop at. They offer tons of incredible locally grown products including fresh produce, meats and baked goods as well as lots of organic food options to choose from. They even have their own ice cream shop! It’s somewhere we like to go when we have nothing to do, because the kids can push their own shopping carts and we always find something new to try. The boys call it the “farm store” and love going to visit!

After tasting some of the delicacies offered at Detwiler’s, we’ve found some new products that I will be getting time and time again. Recently, we’ve tried a handful of different things that we might like to eat throughout this fall season. There were a lot that we loved and maybe this review will help you find a couple of goodies that you can look for when visiting the farm market.

Detwiler’s Apple Cinnamon Bread

Apple and cinnamon go hand in hand, especially in fall! I snagged one of these babies right away, because not only did they just look amazing, they also smelled way too good not to. This bread came in two sizes: a large, full size loaf and then a mini one. I picked up a small one, since this was our first time trying it.

This sticky, pull-apart bread is full of flavor. I had no idea beforehand, but the bread has a caramelized apple filling inside that tastes absolutely amazing when warmed up. There are no added nuts, which was great for us since hunny is allergic to tree nuts. This was a huge hit in our house and we will definitely be getting this again for parties or just as a treat! 

Old Florida Bee Company Honey

I LOVE honey. I always have some on hand at the house. It’s the best thing to add to almost anything, from tea, to smoothies, to even pork chops! I especially like buying honey locally, whether it’s at farmers markets or at the county fair when it comes to town. It’s important to me to support the bees and small shops. Plus, honey always tastes better when it’s from home!

I was already running out of our other honey, so I needed to grab some from Detwiler’s this last trip. Old Florida Bee Company has a variety of honey flavors to choose from. This time, I decided to try the “Florida Cracker” which is described as having a tart, wildflower taste…um, drool.

This honey is definitely tart, but I don’t mind it, since we add it to a lot of our foods. Honey is perfect for tea, which I love to drink on my porch on a cool morning. This tea is a winner in my book!

Brown Cow Maple Yogurt

I would be lying if I said this was our first time trying this yogurt brand. I’ve been buying Brown Cow yogurt all year from Detwiler’s because it’s by far the BEST whole milk yogurt I’ve ever had!

Their maple flavored yogurt is so yummy and perfect for the fall season. I like to add a little honey (like the FL Bee Co. Honey!) and top it with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips for the boys. It makes for both a great breakfast and snack! 

Boar’s Head Steakhouse Bacon

Calling all bacon lovers! If you haven’t had this thick cut bacon before, it is definitely something to pick-up on your next Detwiler’s visit. They were actually giving out samples of this bacon and I immediately snagged a pack after trying it. It’s just that good. 

Boar’s Head is the ultimate bacon experience. It melts in your mouth and is the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy. During the fall season, you can pair this bacon with all sorts of dishes and casseroles. It gives off that smokey, southern taste that will make you feel right at home during the cooler season. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Boar’s Head Steakhouse bacon will be good any time of the day. I highly recommend!

Detwiler’s Amish Butter Cheese

Detwiler’s has an awesome array of cheeses to choose from. They make a lot of their own, so they are fresh in the store. I love that they have samples of a few available each time we go there. Their Amish butter cheese was one of the kinds we could taste, so I did get to try that before buying as well. 

I fell in love with this cheese. It’s very smooth and has a light, buttery taste. It went perfectly with crackers and strawberries as a snack for the boys. The Amish are doing something right when it comes to their cheese. This butter cheese will be perfect on a spread for Thanksgiving! 

Detwiler’s Amish Cookies

On the subject of Amish-related foods, these cookies were apparently a must-try according to an older women I ran into in the bakery section at Detwiler’s. She said that they were “dangerous” and that honestly sold me. 

She wasn’t kidding though! 

These sugary cookies are topped with a caramel frosting that will cure your sweet tooth with one bite. The caramel flavor is perfect for sweaters and leggings season, but I warn you, they are so sweet. My kids have to split one, otherwise they will be up all night!

North Coast Organic Pumpkin Spiced Apple Sauce

This wouldn’t be a fall blog post without pumpkin spice! It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on this baby. There was no way I wasn’t going to try this!

I was a little worried about this sauce being spiced because I didn’t know if the boys would like it. But after giving it a taste, I am glad to say we love this pumpkin spiced apple sauce! It was actually more tart than I expected it to be, but that gave it a really beautiful blend of flavors between the sweetness and the pumpkin. 

This has the perfect apple sauce texture. It’s great as a side with lunch or just to have as a snack. It would even be an amazing topping on vanilla ice cream! We are so going to try that and I will absolutely be buying again!

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer (Non-Alcoholic)

This bottled butterscotch cream soda put a spell on my heart with one sip. Even just a whiff of it could have sent me off to Hogwarts on a broom. All the cool witches and wizards drink this. This drink freaking rocks. 

Flying Cauldron’s bubbly beer is both sweet and refreshing. The bottle even has a picture of a cauldron on it, so you can’t get much spookier than that. You’ll definitely want to be bringing it to the next Halloween party! Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream for butterscotch beer floats!

Detwiler’s Old Fashioned Peaches

I can just feel the fall season in my soul when I eat peaches. They remind me of pies and those end of summer breezy afternoons with the windows open.

Detwiler’s peaches are just as they say on the jar — naturally good. They are fresh and juicy, as all peaches should be. The syrup isn’t overpowering like it is in the canned ones, which really makes all the difference. These go well in yogurt or parfaits. They would be great to bring along for a fall picnic in the park too. Not gonna lie, I also love that I get a really big mason jar out of it!

Detwiler’s Honey Sticks

Honey sticks bring all the childhood memories back, especially during this time of year. And since I love honey so much, I can just bring it with me by getting some honey sticks!

I can’t help but purchase a handful of these each time I go into Detwiler’s Farm Market. They make for a sweet, but healthy snack. The kids love them and they’re so easy to grab to take with us on the go. These are definitely something you’ll want to try!

Detwiler’s Farm Market doesn’t disappoint! We love having it right down the road from us. If you haven’t been yet, you have to go! It’s a fun experience and a great place to shop for all your fall food needs.

7 thoughts on “Detwiler’s Farm Market: 10 Foods You Must Try This Fall

  1. Jo Anne Haynes

    You really need to try the Corncob bacon!! It’s by far the best bacon Detweiler’s has. You get it at the Deli counter.

    My Sweetest Honey is my to go to Honey. I know the owner. She has 4 different types of honey and it depends on the season.

    My favorite bread is the pumpkin bread!! Yum Yum. I can’t wait to try the apple bread….I am also not a nut person.

    Have you tried their Blueberry Cheese? Wow!! It’s so good!!

    One of my favorite things is their orange juice by the fruit and vegetable section. Fresh squeezed orange juice and nothing else!! You haven’t had orange juice until you try that. They usually have samples of it.

    Thanks for your top 10. I will try most of them.

    I drive a good half an hour to get to their Palmetto store. You know it’s got to be good to drive that far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I am so going to try these! The blueberry cheese is amazing along with anything wine infused! Their Apple Cider is finally going to be out again — it’s perfect for this season! I know a lot of people that drive to get there — totally worth it!


  2. That apple cinnamon bread sounds so good!! I’ve never tried Amish cookies – I wonder if I can find something like that where I’m from. Do you know if there’s anywhere else to get that butterscotch beer?

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Casey Anne

    The bread and the cookies look phenomenal! And the bacon…because bacon always looks delightful! I love finding little farm markets around where I live. They always have some wonderfully fresh food and some very creativity items! Bakery items are some of my favorite are you can pretty much taste how fresh they are rather than sitting in the bag in the grocery store for weeks on end!

    Liked by 1 person

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