Farmers Market Strolls – Milford, Delaware

Our family took a small venture while on vacation to the Riverwalk Farmers Market in downtown Milford, Delaware and had a refreshing experience! This quaint town may seem minuscule, but if you decide to explore it a bit, you’ll find more than just the market alone. 

The market booths are set up on North Walnut Street, which features a picturesque strip of antique stores and coffee shops. You can start your Saturday morning with a hot coffee and fresh pastry from Dolce before making your way to the river. Their coffee is so good!

“The mile long Mispillion Riverwalk Park threads its way through the heart of downtown, offering numerous recreational opportunities to both visitors and residents alike.” We actually have family in Milford (as well as lived here for a short period in 2017) and have taken this walk in each of the four seasons and it always looks different, as well as stunning, every time! 

Besides the river, you’ll be indulged in the view of multi-colored vintage houses, the smell of freshly cut grass and the feel of the light breeze through the trees. You may also spot a few ducks or geese along the path. The river ends adjacent to the local library and recreational field where they often have small festivals and fundraisers. The boys have ridden ponies, taken a train ride and played in bounce houses here. There is always something to do for kids!

This farmers market is much smaller than what we are used to in Florida. This made the walk easy for little legs following behind us! Most of the booths were selling locally grown produce. The colors alone were enough to appease us – apples, melons, turnips and corn were a handful of the delicacies that made our mouths water while scanning the isles.

Fun fact: the top crop of the First State is corn – but not the kind for people eating! It’s mostly used to feed livestock and make ethanol. 

A local setup that really caught my eye on this outing was Good For the Core Farm. They had an arrangement of lovely skin care products and handmade soaps that smelled AMAZING.  The boys really enjoyed sniffing all the different bars they had. My absolute favorite was the strawberry lemonade soap bar that had an adorable little paper straw sticking out of the top! 

The boys had a hoot at Opa’s Workshop booth. These unique handcrafted wooden toys would make for great gifts. Some of them were pull toys that move and dance when they roll. Others were games, puzzles or instruments unlike anything you’d find in a toy store today. The boys really loved trying a few of them out for themselves!

The market also had a karate club performance, arts and crafts and freshly baked-goods. I collected a couple of freebie recipe cards to take home. I’m excited to try them!

The Milford farmers market made for a lovely Saturday during our vacation this week. It’s always a pleasure visiting and I’m sure we’ll be back in the future! What’s your favorite place to visit in Delaware?

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market Strolls – Milford, Delaware

  1. Liz, thank you so much for the kind words about our skin care products and soaps! So glad you enjoyed your trip to Delaware and our local farmers market. It was a pleasure meeting you and your family!

    Good for the Core Farm/Rusted Acre Soaps

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