Cactus Handprint Craft

I am so delighted with how well these little succulents came out! I’ve been seeing a bunch of flowery crafts for Mother’s Day, but I really wanted something more unique. These playful cacti are perfect for those upcoming hot summer days! I came up with this idea after getting some inspiration from the Princess Pinky Girl’s handprint and footprint blog post.

These cuties are really easy to make and they bring a little color to your fridge, window sill or wall (and you also don’t have to remember to water them)! They can be a great gift with Father’s Day coming up too!

With just a few materials you can get your cactus crafting on!

You will need:
1. White paper
2. Green washable paint
3. Cardboard box
4. Scissors
5. Glue
6. Black pen and pink colored pencil

To start, make multiple green handprints with your child’s hand on white paper. Have them do their best to keep their four fingers close together and their thumb outwards. The thumb makes it look like the arm of a cactus!

While the paint is drying, cut the cardboard into flower pot shapes. Cut out the handprints as well and glue the cardboard to the bottom of each. Let dry before continuing.

Take your pen or marker and draw lines for the spines of the cactus all around the handprint. Leave some space in the center of the hand for a face. Give each cacti little pink flowers at the top of the fingertips for added cuteness!

Leave them blank or add a message on the flower pot if giving as a gift. Here are some adorable puns:

“Point is…I love you!”
“Let’s stick together!”
“I’m stuck on you!”
“Free hugs!”
“Lookin’ sharp!”

I hope you enjoy making these as much as me and my boys did! Happy hand printing!

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