10 Ways to Spring Clean “Mommy Brain”

As mothers, we’ve all experienced it. The countless times we’ve retraced our steps and the unnerving feeling that we’re forgetting something. There are missed appointments, pauses in our conversations and wondering where in the heck we put our sunglasses when they’re already on our head. There’s only one explanation for this dilemma: mommy brain! Someone once told me that every mom gets this because your children take little parts of you in order to grow in the womb. Maybe that’s partially true, but ladies, the smarts are still there. We just need a little sprucing up in our headspace.

We spend every day taking care of our families, running errands, setting schedules, and, if we’re being honest, pulling our hair out! This spring, we need to take the time to clear up the clutter in our minds. So, from one Mama to the next, here are 10 ways you can help manage your mommy brain the right way!

1. Take A Break

Do you remember the last time you did? I’m not talking a private moment in the bathroom, and believe me, I know how hard these are to come by. I’m talking about a real break from the stress of life, work and all that follows. Whether it be a movie night with the family or just going to bed early, taking a break can help you physically, mentally and emotionally. A good, long break multiple times a month is necessary to freeing up some space in your mind. 

2. Put Down The Phone

I know. I know. Is this even possible? If you’re anything like me, you can get lost in the click bait and pins about cute animals. Then before I know it, two hours go by and guess what? I’m still stressed. We often don’t take notice in the things around us. So, even an hour or two away from our screens lets us connect to our inner thoughts. We can listen to our body’s needs and allow ourselves to really be in the moment. 

3. Get Outside

You’ve put down the phone and made time for a break…now what? Why not go back to our roots – nature! Help cure your cabin fever with a tread on the trails of your favorite park or a walk on the beach at sunset. Sit on your porch and let the breeze blow away any unnecessary thoughts. You’ll be amazed at how simply a bit of fresh air can uplift your mood. When we fully immerse ourselves in an environment that’s free of judgement and expectations, not only do we clear our minds, but we give real love to ourselves!

4. Let It Go

The past is in the past. We make choices based on where we are in our life and we should accept them and move on. If we hold on to any grudges or resentment, our mental capacity will always be maxed out. It’s not fair to our current selves to carry that weight with us, so now is the time to sweep them all right out the door. 

5. Don’t Take On Too Much 

Let’s put it this way, if you can’t handle it, it’s not worth it. Your mental well-being is way more important than taking on too much. The endless to-do list needs to become a set of priorities. And aside from your children, you should also be in the #1 spot on that list. Anything that doesn’t make the cut isn’t something you need to be taking on.

6. If It Can Wait, Leave It

Again, priorities. 

7.. Learn To Say No

This goes right along with the last two steps, but this is a much harder habit to break. For someone who hates letting others down, this was especially difficult for me to do. After a lot of emotional breakdowns, I realized that my time (and my sanity) were slim-to-none and that it wasn’t normal! Saying no to doing a favor or going out when you’re beat isn’t going to make your friends hate you. It’s not the end of the world and you’ll be thanking yourself later.

8.. Accept Help

Okay, so this is one thing you DON’T want to say no to! In fact, throw all the “yeses”! If someone offers to wash your dishes, let them. If someone wants to cook you dinner, let them! It’s one less thing you have to worry about and you can focus on the ones that are more important.

9. Count Your Blessings 

If you do have someone who helps you, be thankful! You already have more than most and that is a huge support. It’s important to be at peace with everything that you do have. Everyone takes different strides in life and your feet at this moment, are exactly where they should be. Make a list of all of the things that you are grateful for and remind yourself of these things when you feel like the mommy brain is catching up. When the going gets rough, huge your children. They are your biggest blessings.

10. Love Yourself 

You are the rockstar mom that’s hiding inside you! Stay humble. Stay true to yourself. Give yourself the love you deserve and take the time to listen to your thoughts, feelings and needs. Nourish yourself with your favorite things and allow yourself to grow. Tell yourself just how awesome you are and believe it!  If you love yourself, then you can never go wrong!

Adopting these habits can not only be a way to help clean up your headspace; they can become a permanent routine in your everyday life. Our mommy brains don’t have to be a thing that slows us down, but instead, be the strength that we can be proud of. Happy Spring!

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