Florida Finds: The Circus Salvage

You know the feeling of randomly coming across one of those hole-in-the-wall finds that makes you go “ohhhhh yeahhhh” as soon as you walk in the door?  The small shop that has just the quirky addition to your home you’ve been looking for? The hidden gem that has you low-key obsessed?  I have a recommendation for anyone who gets giddy at the thought of vintage luggage and old postcards.

The Circus City Architectural Salvage is the coolest little treasure located in the heart of Sarasota, Florida. My mom and I came across this place by pure accident. We drove by, gawking at the giant knight in shining armor visible from the side street while silently agreeing, “we have to check this place out!” I am definitely glad we did! 

Walking in, you’re immediately greeted by retro circus memorabilia like vintage Ringling Brothers programs and black and white photos dating back as far as the early 1900s.  Add in the eccentric steam-punk inspired lighting and interior design, this salvage is a ship having worth saved! 

The warehouse is layered with isles of unique finds: trays of old keys, rustic doors, various knickknacks, lawn decor and more! Oh, and I mentioned the giant knight, right?

There is a large selection of furniture pieces such as barstools and bookshelves. Most of the items look to be handmade and each is different, making them that much more special. There is also an array of nautical decor, with items ranging from crab traps to small bathtubs. You’re sure to find an oddity up your alley.

You can browse all sorts of trinkets that may have you reminiscing or learning something new! I spent a good 15 minutes shuffling through a box of old photos taken of random people. Some of the more artsy curios look so simple, yet completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen! One of my favorite things in the store was the license plate keychains.

According to the website, the store first opened in June, 2013. The owner, Greg Pemberton named the salvage to honor the rich circus history in Sarasota. Well, Greg, you did just that. The business truly represents the historical circus style in this garage of goods.

I’d recommend this place to anyone of any age! We spent well over an hour walking through the entirety of the building with two toddlers (brave, I know). They enjoyed it just as much as we did! If you’re local, traveling, thrifting or just looking for something to do, I highly suggest taking a ride over. There is definitely something in this circus store for everyone!

The salvage is open Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5PM and on Sundays from 11AM to 3PM. It is located at 1001 Central Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236.

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