St. Patrick’s Day Self-Care: The Healing Rainbow

Feeling unlucky?

Take this St. Patricks Day to work on yourself and give your spirit an energy boost!

The Healing Rainbow, created by Caryl Dennis, is a visual healing tool used by many to assist in easing spiritual (as well as physical, mental and emotional) suffering through color and positive affirmation. Who knew a rainbow could really have gold at the end of it?

Dennis describes the importance of color balance and how each color of the rainbow serves a purpose based on its vibration length (red being the longest, violet being the shortest). Starting with the longest color and working your way through each, you begin to meditate, finding peace and relaxation in your mind and body. 

I came across The Healing Rainbow and just had to test it out for myself! I can honestly say that each positive affirmation does take a different amount of energy that leaves me relaxing my shoulders and taking deeper breaths after reading each one. 

I did this once every day for the first week of March and I love it! So far, it’s taught me to accept the many three-leaf clovers that life may hand me and to be grateful for them. 

Through forgiveness, patience and mindfulness I plan to find that magical four-leaf clover — true love and acceptance for who I am. I hope it works for you too!

Below I’ve listed a brief description of each color and what they stand for. Read (and even repeat them aloud) at least once a day to cope with any stress you may have going on.  

Tip: It really helps to look at the color individually as you read to feel around for the energy it may be giving off!


“I forgive myself and everyone else with the strength and power within me.”

The first and longest color is red. Red is the first step to self-love: forgiveness. We have to let all that is bad out to allow anything that is good in. It’s like cleaning the gutters. For forgiveness to flow throughout us, we have to clean out anything blocking the way. I practice forgiveness every evening before bed, so that I wake up the next day ready to accept what good the day brings.


“I enjoy the prosperity of the Universe with enthusiasm and courage.”

Orange is a bright and enthusiastic color. It should be the feeling you get when you do something you love. If you’re doing something that doesn’t feel bright, then don’t do it! It’s your life! Find what you love to do and do it with full enthusiasm.


“I joyously and fearlessly do unto others as I would have them do unto me.”

Karma is a real thing! Don’t do anything to someone you wouldn’t have wanted done to you. You are responsible for your actions, so take pride in your true self and honor others’ true selves as well. 


“I am tranquil, balanced and in harmony with the healing life energy within.”

Green is such a calming color. Use it to be still. Quiet. And listen to what your body is telling your mind. What does it need to become balanced and well? What can you do to replenish?


“I am patient, content, loyal and understanding to myself and everyone else.”

Blue represents learning to be patient and understanding. Don’t allow what others do to involve you, because guess what? It’s not your business! Don’t judge someone for their choices, since they might be learning a different way than you. Be understanding of others and of yourself.


“I always recognize and trust my creativity and intuition.”

Indigo is used to recognize and trust your own creativity. Any hunches or feelings you get, ask for an answer from the Universe. By being still, you start to allow these new answers to come in. Sometimes complete silence is when our inside voices are heard the loudest!


“I love and accept myself just the way I am.”

Reaching violet is truly choosing to love and accept yourself just the way you are. Remember that this is only something you can do. You can be who you love, but you have to change what you don’t love. Loving yourself fully gives you the ability to love others unconditionally too. “Claim your personal power, then use it to create the life you want.”

Each one of us deserves to love ourselves and live our best life! The Healing Rainbow can be something you can always look back at and help guide you on your journey to self-love. Take time for yourself and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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