Liz’s Biz – Meet the Writer

Hey Guys!

I’m so glad you stopped by! My name is Liz Nickson. I’m the writer for this blog and the queen of sand, sun and gettin’ laundry done! 

I wanted to take a few lines to introduce myself to anyone dropping by. As a 26-year-old mom, I find it really hard to talk about myself, but I’ll give it a try!

Originally from Bradenton, Florida, I grew up with the sun on my skin and the sea in my veins. I spent most of my years camping around the state, exploring local trails and stopping to smell the orange blossoms.

Living in Florida has had a huge impact on me becoming the laid-back dreamer that I am today. I like trying new things and meeting new people. I am also highly encouraging of soaking in all of the amazing things that this world has to offer! I’m always telling people to, “get busy living or get busy dying!” 

I’m a true Pisces at heart: intuitive to a T, creative, and a tad OCD with a dash of emotional overload. I somehow enjoy living in the moment while also frantically planning for the future….anyone else? Hey, it’s called being semi-prepared!

Converse are my go-to accessory and I’m a sucker for a good romcom. I have six tattoos, all of which have inspired me in some way. I even drew one of them myself! I also love reading and listening to podcasts. If you have any recommendations, I’d be glad to hear them!

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Flagler College, I immediately transitioned into motherhood. Becoming a mom at a young age wasn’t in my own plans, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It’s taught me more about the value of life than any college credit ever could.

Now, I have two boisterous boys, Odin, age 3, and Nash, age 2. They are the sugar to my coffee. My moon and stars. They absolutely love learning, just like their Mama! So we try to get outside at least once a day, do hands-on activities often and consistently explore our surroundings to grow their little minds!

Although being a mom is the most rewarding job, it does have its setbacks. I haven’t been able to really delve into my goals or aspirations since becoming a mother. I lost a little bit of myself along the way and felt like something was missing. 

That’s when I decided to go back to my roots: writing! First, writing was just supposed to be a way for me to de-stress from the daily life. But after some self-care – and a whole lot of positive thinking – I now feel compelled to share my biggest passions: motherhood, striving for greatness and experiencing the world’s gifts!

My journey to finding myself has only just begun and I still have a long way to go. Mom Under the Palm is a source for making connections and supporting like-minded Mamas on their quests for self-love. A quote I think of often states, “we were gifted with thought.” If we change our thoughts and share them with others, we can change our entire outlook on life.

I look forward to pursuing my dreams and helping encourage others to do so as well!

Happy reading!

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