Instagram Story Templates – ‘Get to Know Me’ Collection

I’ve been up-ing my graphics game lately and decided to share some newly designed Instagram story templates! If you haven’t jumped aboard the story sharing express, it’s never too late to hop on!

Using templates on your Instagram story can be great for conversation starters and allows your followers to get an idea of who you are and what you like. It’s important as a blogger to engage in your audience’s community and show your readers that you relate to them.

Below are my first batch of templates. I hope you like them! They were inspired by the overall feel of this blog — And if I do say so myself, the color palette is gorg!

If you’re new to posting, don’t worry. It’s super easy to share tidbits about yourself to your followers. From how you’re feeling to your celeb crush, you can let viewers get to know you in just two steps!

The first step in this really simple process is to download or screenshot one of these — feel free to use them all — lovely templates below:

Once selected, simply add it to your story and edit the photo by answering the questions and statements with text, gifs, emojis or by circling your choice of preference.

That’s it!

You can also grab the templates directly from my Instagram highlights for easy access. Be sure to tag me — @momunderthepalm — so I can see your answers and get to know my readers!

If you like these designs, let me know in the comments section below and keep an eye out for more designs in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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